Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scott Pilgrim DVD/Blu-Ray

This should have been the poster art for the theatrical release too:

It's similar to the UK poster, only better.

Both of these beat the U.S. poster, which is a fine homage to an image from the comic (which would be a perfectly good teaser poster), but does a poor job of communicating what is special about the movie.

Obviously they did this because by the time they were selling the movie, Youth in Revolt had made it clear that Michael Cera was box office poison. Still, there's ultimately no hiding that Cera is the star of this movie. The DVD cover at least tells us that this is Michael Cera with a flaming sword, which we haven't seen before, instead of Michael Cera with a guitar, which we have seen before. Also, what's with the "epic" tagline? Does that have anything to do with anything?

Then again, I'm not sure the flaming sword market is all that huge -- maybe they were afraid to weird people out. But the billboards showing every evil ex while the hero's face was hidden came off as pretty weird too.


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