Monday, January 25, 2010

Where Thoughts Should Go

As the other participants in the 2004-era blogaround have abandoned their blogs entirely, I've been content to let this become yet another place to post my videos. Eventually one tires of the burden of writing a whole post on everything one thinks about every movie or TV show one watches or thing that one does. One realizes that 140 characters will suffice for most sentiments in life, because honestly, who has the time?

That said, I think I might need to start writing on this blog again, at least occasionally, because lately I have been bothering friends with very long-winded treatises on such subjects as How Vegans Are Like Christians and I fear this points to a suppressed need to pontificate on nonsense at great length. Since I have been limiting myself to the brevity of tweets and status updates, my indulgent ramblings have taken the unfortunate form of Facebook messages, making me look like an unbearable pest and proving that I have inherited my parents' strategy of winning arguments by exhausting one's opponent past the point of caring.

Anyway, my point is that sometimes I really enjoy belaboring a point with a series of long sentences, and social networking and microblogs aren't so conducive to that.

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Zack said...

Yes, please. I prefer long form bickering.

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