Monday, January 18, 2010

Vlog Star - Kent

The best sight gag of the episode, and maybe the season, Alexa carrying Nate for a long time while Kent chats her up, almost didn't happen. In the script the whole first half of the episode was to take place with everyone already riding in the car. However, it turned out that Bryan ("Todd") didn't have a car to drive, and I didn't want to force someone else to let him drive while we were all trying to film a scene. So at the last minute we had to retool the scene so that it happened before they got into the car. Having Alexa and Kent carry me was the first option, and might have looked pretty funny due to their height difference, but could also have been pretty difficult to do for the same reason.

So Chase volunteered to carry me on her own, confident that she could do it. And she did, for four or five full takes, with only the aid of sturdy wires holding me up that we erased in post! It worked out great, and the spectacle of her struggling to carry me while two much larger guys, including the one hitting on her, totally ignore her plight is pretty hilarious. Much better than the car scene would have been, and easier too. It also inspired the earlier counterpoint gag (shot later) in "The Plan" where Nate tries to lift Alexa and collapses immediately.

So thank goodness for happy accidents and strong co-stars.

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