Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Vlog Star Bonus Featurette

If you're not yet, come be a fan of Vlog Star on our Facebook page! We might even post more cool behind-the-scenes bonus videos of us talking about ourselves, like this one:

The reason we say Vlog Star "started" as a web show is that I edited footage from season 1 and season 2 together into what is hopefully a semblance of a half-hour (22 minute) pilot which a cohesive storyline. This was always something we'd had in mind, although originally I thought one season would offer us enough material for a pilot. As it turned out, having the second season to draw on was much better. The pilot version basically focuses on the material that advances the overall story. A lot of our favorite stuff that appeared in standalone episodes didn't make it because they would feel out of place in a half-hour show if they just brought the plot to a standstill.

Anyway, I did all this in order to submit the show as an independent pilot to the NYTVF, the New York Television Festival. I spent all weekend shaving bits off the show to edit it down to 22 minutes (even with only the story-arc-episodes, it still added up to almost 40 minutes initially), and then burning it to DVD. They wanted 5 copies, one of which would contain a bonus feature discussing the making of the show. So that's what this is.

I called up Chase and Dave and we sat down on Dave's couch, talked about the show for about 40 minutes, and then I went and cut that down to one. In retrospect, we probably should have just thought about what we wanted to say and spent 20 seconds each saying it. But it was a good time and we got to act like big shots praising each other effusively. I ended up not using the worst of that because it was kind of nauseating. Still, there's a lot of footage left over so if I have time this may become an occasional series to fill the time until season 3.

Over the weekend, I thought I would never get the submission done. Twice I thought I was finished and then realized there were more brand names and logos that I had to censor out due to rights issues, and each time I had to go back into Final Cut for a few hours and then spend a few hours more exporting and burning.

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