Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dave's Wine Video

The estimable David J. Duman, co-writer and director/producer of Vlog Star and Kenny Bloggerly's Internet Life, and your favorite Bourne spoof ever, is applying for "A Really Goode Job." This is the cheesy name for Murphy-Goode Winery's new Lifestyle Correspondent. This person will be housed in Sonoma wine country and paid handsomely for six months for doing nothing more than getting shitfaced all fancy-like and building buzz for the winery Web 2.0 style. All of this is way more setup than you need to enjoy Dave's application video:

If you think Dave deserves this job more than some boring loser (and while there are many highly qualified applicants, there are a lot of boring losers vying for this thing), go to the Murphy-Goode page and favorite him! This job is perfect for him; seriously, this asshole loves talking about wine.

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