Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Imagine this was your only source of information with which to form an opinion on a tobacco tax increase.

Conclusion: Smokers are gravelly old badasses and tobacco-tax supporters are horrible busybody douchebags.

DVD vs. Blu-Ray

A few months ago I met a woman at a party who worked for a major studio's DVD marketing department, and mentioned how I had felt no rush to upgrade to Blu-Ray. "Why not?" she asked. Which is the thing, really -- the studios think the question is "Why not?" when actually the question is "Why?" As in, why should anyone want to upgrade in the first place?

To even start to become interested, you need to own an HDTV of a certain size, and at the time, I didn't. That has since changed, and so I recently did upgrade to a Blu-Ray player. Even then, I would have been satisfied with an upconverting DVD player with HDMI output, except that it seemed silly to get something like that when it was possible I would get a Blu-Ray player eventually. I got the cheapest Blu-Ray player I could find that still seemed trustworthy. It doesn't support online features through BD Live, so I'm banking on the fact that when I want to go online to talk about movies, I will be satisfied to use my computer and not a cumbersome proprietary interface through my television. I hope I didn't make a mistake.

The Blu-Ray player does a fine job of upconverting DVDs and finally displaying content that I feel is worthy of our new TV screen. Last week we got our first Blu-Ray disc from Netflix and experienced our first true HD picture.

Watching Blu-Ray is kind of like getting new glasses. You're impressed at how clear everything is, how much detail you can see that you weren't even aware of before. Then again, you were never aware of it before, so was it really all that important? It seems to demand part of your attention to appreciate, so that part of your mind is always thinking, "Look how sharp everything is; I must remember to be grateful for this." All of this is beside the point in terms of actually becoming absorbed in a film's story, for which DVD resolution is perfectly sufficient. Still, it's nice.

The other thing is that Blu-Ray players are slow, almost comically slow. As in, it's actually funny that something could load this slowly and still be considered a viable consumer product ready for market. The thing must take almost a minute to boot up, way longer than we are accustomed to with DVD. Remote commands like fast-forwards, rewinds, and menu selections feel like they have a slightly delayed response. The high resolution playback of Blu-Ray is like a heavy train that takes an extra effort to start moving and to stop.

I like watching Blu-Ray from Netflix, but I'm not sure when I would start buying movies on Blu-Ray. One reason I buy DVDs is so I can show movies to my family, and Blu-Rays wouldn't play there, or on my computer, so right now it feels more limiting.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Vlog Star review

Managed to get Vlog Star a write-up on a video review site called Viral Vengeance. Thanks to TroubledYoungMan at ViralVengeance for his review and for watching a show even if it has no hits.

Professor YouTube explains Hamster on a Piano

Discussing this:

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Vlog Star #21: Arm Run Over By Car

This was actually the first episode I wrote for season 2, and I still think it's pretty great.

Arm Run Over By Car | Vlog Star #21 from kennybloggerly on Vimeo.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wedding Video

The "groom's eye view" video. It doesn't include any of the big moments like the ceremony or toasts because I was a little busy at the time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vlog Star #20: Alexa Loses It

Alexa Loses It (Road Trip part 2) | Vlog Star #20 from kennybloggerly on Vimeo.

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Fun fact: The establishing shot of San Francisco was shot as I was completely drunk after my bachelor party, riding in Charlie's car across the Bay Bridge as she drove Mike back to his friend's place before dropping me off at my hotel. In this state, I still had the presence of mind to remember that I needed a San Francisco establishing shot and this might be my best chance to get one.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vlog Star #19: Road Trip

As I embed this it's still showing no thumbnail, but the video works. Press play and see for yourself!

Boback might be interested to know that the majority of this episode (all the stuff outside the car) was shot on his and Sarah's wedding gift to us, the same gift that some of you may have seen me using at the wedding itself. (So, thanks ... um, I was going to say "Thanks again" but we haven't sent thank yous yet. So, pre-thanks, I guess.)

Prius Road Trip | Vlog Star #19 from kennybloggerly on Vimeo.

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Vlog Star #18: Target

Here begins a story arc that was conceived with the goal of opening up the world of the show and not having so many episodes where the characters just sit on a couch like they did so much in season one.

Filmed on location, guerilla-style, which obviously shows.

Target | Vlog Star #18 from kennybloggerly on Vimeo.

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