Thursday, February 19, 2009

License to Drive

Went to the DMV today to renew my license. Apparently it's been long enough that they want to see me there in person. Fair enough. I've started to get funny looks when I show people my ID. I can't remember what clerk looked at it recently and said, "You're twelve!" Stephanie laughed when she saw my renewal notice, which still listed my weight as 125 and my height as 5'9".

After I checked in and got my waiting number, I realized that I did not have enough cash to pay the renewal fee and had forgotten my checkbook. I went outside, spotted a 7-Eleven on the next block, made an emergency ATM trip and got back in time for them to call my number. That sounds boring now but it was a tense predicament when it happened.

And so in a few weeks I will have a new license with a new photo and a printed-on organ donor dot that I won't be able to peel off during my periodic bouts of worrying about my organs being harvested prematurely.

I've always loved my old driver's license picture. I got away with turning my head a little, creating a slight three-quarters angle that is more flattering than the required straight-on shot. Also, I was so excited to get my license that I look really happy. At the time I really liked it because it made me seem like a happier person than I actually was. It looked better than any portrait anyone ever took of me. I wished I could have my driver license photo blown up and framed.

Today's shot was less notable. I looked straight on and didn't buck the system. It's a wide-eyed, almost exaggeratedly blank stare. I purged my face of any expression. We'll see what happens. I hope I don't hate it too much.

*Updated with my old license picture.

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Tammy said...

scan the old one! i don't think i've ever seen it!!