Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chun Li

So, that's fine that someone decided to make a Street Fighter movie over a decade after the franchise has been relevant to anyone. It even kinda makes sense that they decided to base it around Chun-Li. Attempting to make a movie with too many protagonists was among the (many) things that derailed the last Street Fighter movie. Also, Chun-Li is apparently played by Kristen Kruek, so yay for Team Hapa.

But I feel like it's a mistake to build the movie around Chun-Li, and then make a trailer where you never see Chun-Li. That seems misguided to me. There are maybe two shots in this where you see her face, and even then she's not in a recognizable costume, and she's not terribly Asian-looking, so it's kind of hard to recognize her as anyone. M. Bison is also in this trailer, not that you'd ever know it. Vega is the only one you could pick out here without someone telling you who everybody is.

Yes, Chun-Li's chi-pao and hair buns are kinda cheesy looking, but surely someone could have designed a cool version of that. Because without it, you just have half a Chinese girl. And there is definitely no point making a movie about one character from an out-of-date property and then costuming her so that no one will ever recognize that character. In fact, this trailer seems desperate to avoid anyone ever making the connection to the video game.

Yeah, now this just seems dumb.

Maybe they should have continued the numbering from the last movie, so that this one could be Street Fighter II: The Movie. The phrase "Street Fighter" doesn't really evoke the game unless you have the "II" after it anyway.


Steve said...

This looks and awful lot like Samurai Girl, only with more explosions.

I got bored and quit watching Samurai Girl about 1.5 episodes in, and I don't see how adding more explosions would make it better.

Zack said...

Street Fighter 2 HD Remix came out in October and sold very well as a PSN/XBLA title. Street Fighter 4 comes out on PS3/360 next month (it's already out in arcades). You probably haven't paid attention to fighting games since Mortal Kombat, but 2D fighters in general (and SF in particular) are stronger than they've been in many years. The arcades (in America) more or less died out -- and it didn't help that Street Fighter 3 was frightening in its complexity -- but online multiplayer has been pretty well established, and nearly lagless methods are available now (GGPO).

The point is: Street Fighter is actually ascendant right now, not continuing a long slide into oblivion. And so it makes sense that Capcom would want to license Chun Li to remind people who don't know that QCF means "quarter circle forward" but used to love making that motion to throw fireballs that Street Fighter still exists and is still good times.

The movie exists to promote the games.

What I can't abide are Kreuk's thin thighs. Chun Li's thighs need to be like tree trunks.

Zack said...

I mean, it's not a very good movie or tied in very cleary, but from Capcom's perspective I think that's why this was made.

Anonymous said...

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