Thursday, December 04, 2008

How Not to Eat Right - Follow Up

Kelley: If you are to continue your newly found interest in fast food, you owe it to yourself to go down to the South Bay Galleria and sample a Chick-fil-a sandwich.

I've heard from a couple of sources (one of which was possibly you, one of which was Aziz Ansari's blog) that the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich is very much like a Chick-fil-A sandwich. So maybe they deserve the credit for that minimalist masterpiece.

A couple of years ago, I decided to try out Burger King, and went to their website to find the nearest store. After 15 minutes of first trying to find the store locater and then trying to get it to work, I still had no idea where the nearest BK was. Instead, I got to wait 90 seconds for their animation to load, endure auto-playing audio, completely pointless spinning graphics, and relentless pop-ups demanding I play the stupid games they had wasted their money on.

Dude, that is way more effort than anyone should ever expend to find a Burger King. Actually, even typing a web address is more effort than anyone should ever expend to find a Burger King.

Steve: What are your thoughts on Carl's $6 burgers?

I haven't sampled one lately. I had one years ago when they introduced them and I was underwhelmed. There was more meat, but it still tasted like fast-food meat, so my verdict was why eat the bigger, less healthy version of something if it doesn't actually taste any better. But then again, that was back when my standards were higher.

By the way, re: the Burger King Steakhouse Mushroom Swiss catastrophe -- I'm not alone. I urge you to follow the link for a visual aid that will show you what I was talking about. I would have photographed the burger myself but I had left my cell phone in the car.


Zack said...

I used to like the spicy chicken sandwich at Carl's Jr. I probably still would. There's like a big floppy green chili on it. Do they still make that?

I appreciate that the McChicken is a dollar. Tastes like it's $1.30 at least.

Despite what people say, a sandwich from Chick-Fil-A is just a damn chicken sandwich. If you go out of your way to get one its charms will be overwhelmed by your expectations. It's like driving to the mall to get an Icee or a Cinnabon. You end up in the Galleria Food Court, you march straight to Curry House.

Finally, when I was 11 a chicken sandwich from Burger King made me huwaaaaaaaargh right on the floor.

And that's all I know about fast food chicken sandwiches.

Kelley said...

I probably was one of the people praising Chick-fil-a, but I've never had a McDonald's chicken sandwich, so I'll have to take other people's word on that.

It is SO not a damn chicken sandwich - but in saying this, I realize that I am the "despite what people say" part of the equation. It is tender. No other fast food chain could possibly make something this tender. It is fried as healthily as possible, making it an excellent splurge. The batter is so perfectly light and tangy that you find yourself searching for a crumb in the bottom of the aluminum lined chicken sandwich bag. Yeah, that's right, aluminum lined bag, so your sandwich retains heat if you need to drive a little ways to somewhere like, I don't know, the beach before diving in.

Honestly, if Chick-fil-a didn't exist, I'd probably be a vegetarian. It's that good - it keeps me eating meat! Make the drive! Do it!

crystal! said...

kelley is 100% (and i would even go up to 10000000% if it didn't make me sound like a mathamagician) about chick-fil-a. go eat there.