Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vlog Star #4: Not Crying

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You might think it hypocritical to create a series that makes fun of a character for failing to produce successful internet videos when one's own videos, that series included, do not exactly set cyberspace afire. On the contrary! It is that very fact that allows me to fully sympathize with the character. I understand his struggle. No one can accuse me of not writing what I know.

Indeed, as we were filming one scene, David directed me, "You have to say it like someone who's had a hit video. You're saying it like someone who's never had a hit video. You're saying it like yourself." Indeed, Nate is basically me, except that his videos used to be successful, and he is seven years younger. (I like to think I can still get away with playing 21 by TV standards -- and internet standards ought to be even more lenient, right?) If I were to catalog all the similarities between myself and Nate, the show would just make you sad, if it doesn't already. For example, we also look and dress quite similarly.

This episode was written to address a question I got in the script stage, about why Alexa would continue to be friends with Nate. Hopefully it answers that question, or at least hints at the answer. Ironically, it also brings Nate to such heights of jackassery that it raises the question all over again.

Update: I decided that one of my last minute editing tweaks kinda screwed up the timing of one of the lines, so I uploaded a new version. That's why the video was out for a while. I apologize profusely for any panic I may have triggered.

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