Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Vlog Star #1: Messing With People in the Park

Meet viral video star Nate Klugman in the premiere episode of Vlog Star. Maybe it's not as good as the trailer, but then, nothing ever is.

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lyan! said...

Well that's just weird. (No bearing on what actually happened in the video).

Kenny said...

I always get excited when there's actually a comment, and then I'm inevitably disappointed when they have little to no bearing on the video I slaved over. This time, I prepared myself before clicking, reminding myself that comments rarely say much about the videos or whether people like them. But I still didn't expect a comment that explicitly states how it's not about the video.

Kelley said...

I heard that girl is a porn-star, so she's not worth the vlogstar's trouble... He could just rent the porno. :-)

Anonymous said...

Alternate ending: Girl mutters "jerk" and flips the wallet into the trash can right behind her. Zoom to Klugman's exposed ID card in trash during ending music. Future storylines possible re/ identity theft, etc. Background is overexposed in opening scene, a bit distracting. Dialogue is well-written and well-delivered. Sound is good. Quick cuts are good. Klugman is authentically obnoxious. Maybe other quirky traits will emerge. Good! A keeper for your reel.
Yours truly, W. Schmidt