Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dark Knight

So I'm late on the Kenny Bloggerly episode today, mainly because this morning I finally saw The Dark Knight and spent the rest of the day recovering from it. I had strenuously avoided reading any reviews or coverage of the movie -- each time I saw a headline announcing yet another glowing review, I dropped the offending publication like a hot potato. It was good -- that's all I needed to know. Beyond that, I wanted to go in as fresh as possible.

I do like reading reviews, actually, but if I know I'm going to see a movie regardless I try not to read them. I've seldom gone out of my way to avoid them to the extent I did with this movie, but it was worth it. Afterwards I fell into my post-movie ritual of reading several reviews to see how they matched up with my responses, and confirmed that reading them beforehand would have spoiled countless moments that made me jump in my seat with shock and delight.

So yeah, I loved it. I'll be making another trip to the theater to check out the IMAX version, if I can. I've read that IMAX tickets are selling out and going for up to $60 on eBay, which is insane.


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