Wednesday, July 30, 2008

7-Hour Jury People

Sorry I haven't been providing any of my usual prose brilliance on the blog lately. I'd intended to pick up the blogging pace again, but there is only so much time available and when you're uploading and posting videos twice a week it tends to eat up that little bit of time you might spend tlogging (that's "text-blogging" for those of you who didn't realize I was just then coining a phrase).

Today I had jury duty again. It was not as eventful as my last jury service; this time I just sat in the main jury holding room and did not get called at all. No interviews, no jury selection, just a day of sitting and reading and hoping my name would not get called. And I was out in a day, so I lucked out.

This time I went to the Airport Court, which is near LAX and also has a pleasing rhyme to its name. The courthouse was dedicated in 1999 and was much more clean and modern than the courthouse I attended last time. Didn't get to see how this affected the actual courtrooms though. To enter, we were made to go through "airport style" security which means if you leave the building you have to take off your belt and empty your pockets to come in again. Waiting in line to enter in the morning, a paper sign notified employees and jurors alike of the entrance policy: "Everyone must line up at 8:00. JURY PEOPLE TOO." I like that the official term used by the courthouse is "jury people." In fact, I like the phrase so much, I think it should replace the overused "party people." As in, "What up, jury people, let me hear you make some noise! Yeah! Let's get this trial started!"

I also liked the sign that instructed, "TAKE OFF YOUR BELT. REMOVE YOUR BELT. PLACE YOUR BELT IN THE TRAY," because of the implied frustration with someone who might not be giving the sign his full attention.


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lyan! said...

Call it "t-logging" and you got yourself a player.