Friday, June 20, 2008

Get Smart

My mantra for Get Smart for many months now has been "high hopes, low expectations." The teaser trailer, with three excellent and understated gags, was promising, but the subsequent three trailers (which are so similar that you wonder why they bothered) dilute the success rate with some mediocre or out-of-place jokes that make you worry. The criticisms at the Get Smart fan site, including Warner Bros. total dick move to freeze out the original series creators in hopes of ducking royalty payments, and the resulting alterations to the Maxwell Smart character, are even more alarming, as are all the snippets of negative reviews.

Still, as a huge fan of the original series (as a kid, I made a series of videos with my sister called "Secret Spies" that was basically an attempt to recreate the show with ourselves as agents) and a fan of Steve Carell, passing it up is simply not an option. In some ways I feel I'm in a quandary. I don't want to reward the studio for trying to fuck over Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, and creating a weaker movie as a result... but I also don't want the movie to flop. Maybe if it's successful enough to merit a sequel they can correct some of the problems of this one. Or will they just make them worse, thinking they were successful with their changes? You can't win.

On the other hand, it's a Get Smart movie starring Steve Carell. Of course I'm going to see it. I'm hoping if I go in with an open mind (and the aforementioned low expectations), Carell will deliver something at least worth watching.


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matt said...

I was it last night. It was shockingly bad.