Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Domain Event

For a little while now, this blog has been accessible not only through the old school http://kbweb.blogspot.com, but also via the address http://www.kennybloggerly.com. I never really publicized this so you may not have realized it unless you paid close attention to my email signature. Now that there is a Kenny Bloggerly show, the kennybloggerly.com address will now steer you towards http://kennybloggerly.tumblr.com. If you still want to reach this blog using a big fancy non-blogspot domain name, it will soon be accessible using http://www.herbietheloveblog.com.

I'm sure no one but me even knew that I had assigned kennybloggerly.com to this site, so this feels a bit silly. But I wanted to avert any confusion, just in case. I'm nice like that.


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