Monday, June 02, 2008

Board at Work

When last we left my petty work rivalries, I had responded to the innocuous request to "save" another teacher's board info with a too-large "save" box of my own, then replaced that with a drawing of a winking cat:

When I returned, the cat had not been erased. So I added a party hat, shoulders and paws.

Around this time an additional message appeared on the morning teacher's side of the board:

"Email me to say hello." And then someone had added in red marker, "kitty," so that the whole thing seemed to read "Email me to say hello kitty."

I was puzzled. Was this message for his students, who had cruelly ignored his provided email address? Was it for me, an attempt to establish contact with the person sharing his board? What of the "kitty"? Was this a reference to the cat I had drawn? If so, was it a student's joke referencing the drawing, or the teacher's? I couldn't figure it out.

So I added a ball of yarn trailing from the cat's paw to the bottom of the board and marked it "SAVE."

The next day, I decided the yarn had rolled a bit.



cyshas said...

This is hilarious. Are you going to e-mail the other teacher?

crystal! said...

do you force your students to sit quitly while you do this and then pull out your digital camera and document it?

Kelley said...

The most important question: tomorrow, will there be a mouse?

Kenny said...

I took the pictures on my phone so it is not that conspicuous. I do it while the students are doing classwork.