Thursday, May 15, 2008

Letting it Ride

So far I had been having fantastic luck with Speed Racer tie-ins. First I was at the grocery store and I saw that General Mills cereals were packaged with Speed Racer turbo cars. Besides the Mach 5 and the Racer X car, all the others were ugly and unrecognizable, but the cereal was on sale anyway so I decided to take a chance and bought a box of Cheerios and a box of guilty pleasure Lucky Charms. Results? One Mach 5 and one Racer X car. Two for two, no duds! I was thrilled.

Then Cynthia notified me that McDonalds has Speed Racer Happy Meals. I'm tutoring this five year old kid, and on Tuesday he showed up with a Racer X Happy Meal car that I eyed jealously. Even with the Happy Meal, the odds are against you. There are more cars that are decent but still a high number of bad ones. I took a chance anyway and bought a Happy Meal. I was prepared to be happy even with a Mach 6 or Racer X car. Result? The Mach 5 on the first try! The best car, and the only one I really wanted.

My luck was hot. Too hot, I thought, to quit. Perhaps with another try I could get my runner-up choices as well. Besides, what's the worst that could happen? Even if I got one of the lousy cars, it's still something for my Mach 5 to race against. So last night, I bought another Happy Meal.

That's when my luck came crashing down. Not only did I not get a good car, I didn't even get a bad car. No, despite the fact that they had explicitly asked me whether I wanted a boys' or girls' toy, and I readily answered "Boys'," they gave me a girls' toy. And not just any girls' toy, but the worst of the girls' toys. Sure, I would have been disappointed, but I could have made do with a mini tote bag, or a race car wristlet. Even the bling necklace or heck, the Chim Chim charm would have been welcome compared to... the photo bracelet?! A crummy photo bracelet? An unwearably tiny piece of plastic with a stupid flower shape with a photo of Chim Chim in it? Argh. Even a compact or a handbag is at least a real thing.

Unfortunately, now I am caught in a gambling cycle. I can come back from this! My luck will turn! I have to try again!

Or at least, see if I can exchange the photo bracelet for a boys' toy. This was not what I ordered.


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