Friday, May 30, 2008

Credit Where Credit's Due

What do you know, the episode came out pretty well. Here are some pictures from the set last year.

This was the first day I met Jon Kent Ethridge, who played Craig. I had my skateboard, which I used to get to set faster (set was very far away). He asked to try it, then skated all the way to set with it as Dominic (Jimmy) ran off alongside him. By the time I caught up he was in the middle of shooting a scene, someone had taken the skateboard from him, and he had no idea where it was.

Dominic was not fond of his hives makeup, which smelled bad and was possibly as uncomfortable as he had to pretend to be in the show.

People often ask if it is exciting to hear actors delivering your lines. It is, but then again, I could deliver my own lines if I really wanted to hear them that badly. What is really surreal are sets and props. You mean I wrote in a ray gun, and now some guy has to actually build a ray gun? Now that's cool.

And then there's Animal-Loving Kevin, a character who was to always appear with an exotic pet of some sort. So naturally we wrote him with a donkey in the lunchroom. It turns out donkeys and most large or weird animals are pretty expensive. Seeing an actual donkey complete with wrangler just because you wrote it is actually kind of startling. When we saw the donkey on set, we felt like, Are we crazy? Why did we put this donkey in the show!? This is insane! I felt like I should apologize for it or something. For this reason, as well as the more important reasons of budget and time, Kevin's animals would be far less ambitious for the rest of the series.

When you're watching on TV, it's easy to forget how many people were on set, just off-camera.

Finally, I dedicate this post to John Bliss, who was great as Gramps (the old man) in my episode, and who was a really nice guy to boot. He had very kind words for my script. Sadly, he passed away in February.


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