Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chair Wars Episode II

For those of you wondering how the chair rivalry turned out... it has ended in tenuous peace. I arrived at work one day to find the good chair in my doorway. I thought perhaps my foe had surrendered, but in fact a second good chair had appeared in his classroom, rendering our battle unnecessary.

I told him that I had thought at first that he was giving me the good chair, and that that would have been too nice of him. He replied, "Don't worry, I'm not that nice."

On that same day, in my classroom, the morning class teacher had written his name, class time and email in the corner of the white board. Normally, I erase this, along with all the other writing on the board that he never bothers to erase when his class is done. But this day, he had drawn a box around his name and information and written "SAVE," thus denying me a small corner of the board.

I retaliated by writing my own information in excessively large letters in another corner, drawing a box around it, and writing "SAVE" in even bigger letters. I topped it off by not erasing the rest of the board at the end of class.

Too passive aggressive?

The next day, my box had indeed been saved, although the "SAVE" outside the box had been erased. I felt my point had been made. I erased my large name box and replaced it with a smaller box marked "SAVE," this one containing only a drawing of a winking cat.



Zack said...

Well, after that late update I'm now hoping that your blog will be "Diary, today I was a petty person" all the time.

Tommaso Sciortino said...

Agreed. It's nice to have someone that I can feel less petty than. It so seldom happens.

Kelley said...

Very interesting insight into the lives of teachers. Makes me understand better every subjective grade I ever got. ;-) (Thus, I liked Math better.)

cyshas said...

This is hilarious. Keep the updates coming.