Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Notebook Paper

Sure, posting links may not be the height of blogging, but I haven't been blogging much lately anyway, so maybe it's time to lower my standards. Anyway, as a die-hard fan of college rule paper over wide rule paper since middle school (way before college!), I really enjoyed this Onion piece:

Mead Releases New Grad-School-Ruled Notebook

The Onion

Mead Releases New Grad-School-Ruled Notebook

RICHMOND, VA—Company officials say the new notebooks feature lines 3.55 millimeters apart, making them "infinitely more practical" for postgraduate work than the 7.1 millimeter college-ruled notebooks.


Rodimus Prime said...

You are not the only one who enjoyed college ruled paper in grade school. Once I discovered it I couldn't, and wouldn't, use anything else. Mostly because my handwriting is so small, plus, college ruled just looked better. Though I'd totally buy the grad school ruled paper:)

sarah said...

I didn't use college rule paper until about senior year of high school. My handwriting could not, would not be tamed. Wide rule paper allowed it to roam free.