Thursday, April 24, 2008


I enjoyed the trailer for Hancock. For a big budget special effects comedy about a misbehaving superhero, you could do a lot worse, and if you've seen My Super Ex-Girlfriend, you already have. This trailer alone offers more value than the entirety of that disaster. I like the superhero-as-troubled-celebrity conceit, too. The director so far seems to have a good grasp of a difficult tone, and the trailer does a surprisingly deft job of playing the joke very straight, thanks to Will Smith and the always welcome Jason Bateman.

Not sure what to make of that prison scene though. The editing seems meant to imply something, but I can't figure out what. Surely he didn't crush the inmate's head?

Of course, while the trailer offers a better overview of the movie, it does heavily truncate the brilliant freight train sight gag (I love Smith's underreaction, and that the chaos plays out in the distance rather than being made into spectacle -- it's so much funnier that way) and leaves out the hilarious whale scene from the teaser trailer.


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