Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Concubine Song

With Lydia and Tom in Southern California for New Year's, we felt the time was ripe to make a video together. Lydia and I ended up writing this song and Tom was stuck acting in the music video. In case it's not clear, he's meant to be playing Chinese. We should have given him some of that slanty eye make-up and not just the silky robe. I'm also meant to be playing Chinese, but it could be that I'm not quite Asian enough to tip the scales of this video into the "not racist" category.



Lydia said...

Oh dear. Am I even Asian enough for this to be considered "not racist"?

Fun day, though. Thanks guys and wives!

Sarah said...

Hey, Kenny. Lydia just sent me this (since I've been slacking on blog-reading lately). Really funny stuff! The middle was a little slow, but it started and ended strongly. I didn't pick up on the fact that Tommaso was supposed to be Chinese, too, but I don't think it hurt the video at all. Nice job!