Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Think Positive

Finding the time to edit this took longer than I expected, but here it is. My mom may not want to watch this one. There is a lot of swearing in it. Seriously, like wall-to-wall swearing. Constant profanity. She should really probably not play it. (If she does, she should know that it is all Mike's fault.)

Ryan, on the other hand, should love it.


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lyan! said...

At first I laughed, then I laughed harder, but then it stopped, much sooner then the finish. Seemed gratuitous during the moments where Kenny isn't shouting, given that he swears bests when he's angry.

Also, you do that thing where 'being told they're a 'ray of sunshine...' or some other 6-year-old-girl pander makes character happy. I don't want to say that you over do it, but to me, it feels like you kinda do.

The only other instance I can think of is in American Shopper, before the big day, so I don't know how often it comes out, but it feels like heavy-handed comedy to me.

AND I didn't like the bluegrass ending music. Shoulda been something faux metal.