Thursday, November 01, 2007


If you’ve been following Hollywood news (and who doesn’t?) you know that there is a writers strike that, failing a miracle at the negotiating table, is due to happen any second now. All over Hollywood, writers have been scrambling for the past week to scrape together scripts before the strike deadline. Yes, that is sort of counterproductive to the disruption that makes the strike threatening, but it also hard to avoid when you have to obey your bosses until the strike actually happens.

Anyway: I was playing my own home version of the strike scramble, trying to get as far through an adaptation spec as I could before the strike hit, when Friday I got a call from Cartoon Network. With days to spare, they decided to order a few extra Jimmy’s Head scripts, and I was being brought back on board as writers’ assistant for a week (or less, depending on if and exactly when the strike begins). So, employed once again, however briefly, I came back to work on Monday and we set about creating four new scripts in three days. The race against the strike began in earnest. These are interesting times, to be sure.

Speaking of Out of Jimmy’s Head, you may have noticed that I have failed to write any additional commentary posts. I don’t think I will write any more of them; I think the one I did write came off as long-winded and not particularly entertaining. With any luck, perhaps I can get on the DVD commentary and do it that way. This commentary in blog form idea seems ill-conceived. I have way too many random facts that aren't related to anything in particular.

Also, yes, it's been a month since I have posted a sketch video. We attempted one early in the month, but it suffered from technical difficulties. We have since rewritten and reshot it and sooner or later I will edit it.


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lyan! said...

Good luck with the strike. Any idea how Benny Kyerly and I can be scabs? think about it!