Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Literal Videos

Not too long ago I declared that, where story-driven songs are concerned, I prefer music videos to be as literal as possible. When I'm listening to a song that tells a story, I picture the events happening, and if there is going to be a video, I am disappointed when it fails to depict those events. For example, nowhere in the video for Pink's "Get This Party Started" was she seen gettin' flashy in her Mercedes Benz. What gives?

Fountains of Wayne excels at songs with stories that evoke very specific visuals, and their "Stacy's Mom" video is a good example of one that takes the song fairly literally (even if the kids are disturbingly younger than I would have guessed). Anyway, I didn't realize until today that there is a video for "Someone to Love," the single off their album Traffic and Weather from earlier this year. The fact that it features Demetri Martin is a bonus, but I also love that it tells the story almost exactly as I'd pictured it.

Fountains of Wayne - Someone To Love (hi)

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Tip: Stop the video as soon as the song fades out or you'll be greeted with loud, glitchy static at the end of the video.


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