Thursday, September 13, 2007


Haven't had a chance to compress a 4:3 version to upload to YouTube yet, but I'll add that link once it's ready. For now, those of you who can use the Crackle version can check out the sketch that threatens to put us on a terrorist watch list.

Update: That Crackle player seemed flaky, so I've embedded the YouTube video instead.

Update madness!: Or you could watch the Vimeo version. I actually find that Vimeo's player is the clearest and the smoothest. Although the site itself, while attractively designed, is a bit of a pain to navigate.


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Zack said...

Hello! I am reading this blog post from a phone which cannot otherwise view Flash content but which can, independently from its web browsing function, search for and play Youtube videos. So please continue to post your videos to Youtube. Also I cannot find anything on Youtube yet under "epitomem15 starbucks." I know the search doesn't add things immediately, though.