Friday, August 10, 2007


Last night there was an earthquake at about 1 AM. It was a 4.5 originating near Chatsworth. There was some light but very noticeable shaking here in West LA. When it hit, I was watching videos on YouTube. I leapt from my seat and ran to a doorway, but not before taking a beat to register what was happening, then pausing the video I was watching.

As I stood in the doorway waiting for aftershocks, the horror of the situation slowly dawned on me: Not the light earthquake that had transpired, but the fact that had it been worse, I might have been killed in the midst of watching a video of a stranger dancing. How sad, how empty and hopeless that would be!

Now, after this startling event, how could I go back to my computer, sit down, and actually continue this trivial activity, the futility of which had just been thrown into sharp relief?

The answer: With frightening ease.


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