Friday, July 13, 2007

Get Smart

I can't get enough of the new Get Smart teaser.

It's simple, but funny, and played surprisingly, effectively dry. Steve Carell is the perfect choice for Maxwell Smart, and sells each of the three gags in the teaser brilliantly. The phone booth gag has a wonderfully modulated build, and all three gags succeed on Carell's performance as he subtly clings to his dignity for as long as possible.

A fan site script review is worrying, but the teaser is so encouraging, with its attention to detail in the phone booth, the fitting choice of gags, and the loving use of the theme song, that it's hard not to get excited.

Get Smart was one of my favorite shows growing up, and in its too-brief run on Nick at Nite, it influenced me a great deal. A huge portion of the videos I made as a kid were pretty much direct rip-offs of Get Smart; particularly a series redundantly titled "Secret Spies," in which I portrayed Agent 53 and my sister Agent 28. I would say more but I don't think it's necessary.



Anonymous said...

The trailer was exciting. But what I can't get past is Anne Hathaway as Steve Carrell's love interest -- I don't care what the plot's justification is -- it's CREEPY. She's my age. Younger, actually. He's as old as my dad. Gross. Just, GROSS.

Kenny said...

It is sad that Hollywood's fear of appropriately aged women is so out of control. Watching the original show, it's kind of shocking to see Barbara Feldon be both attractive and over thirty. This is the kind of nonsense that gets Katie Holmes cast as an assistant D.A., and it's bullshit.

Anne Hathaway does have the right look for 99, if only she weren't so creepily young. I agree that it's a hard hurdle to get past.

Lydia said...

I thought I liked Anne Hathaway after the first Princess Diaries (watched it on a plane, had *really* low expectations), but I haven't liked her since. Still she seems better in this role than as Jane Austen, a casting choice which made me choke and gag on my own saliva.