Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Bright Idea To Share With The World

You know how every so often your wireless router doesn't work, and you have to unplug every cord in the modem, unplug every cord in the router, then sit there like an idiot for twenty seconds trying not to mix the cords up in your hand, then plug everything back in? You know how this is pretty much standard operating procedure for resetting a router that's not working, and depending on the vagaries of your Internet signal, you may have to do it anywhere from every few weeks to once or twice a day?

Well, if this procedure is so common and so frequently necessary, why isn't there a button for it? Why isn't there a button on the router and on the modem that performs the function of shutting off the connection to all those cords, so I can wait twenty seconds and then turn it back on? Would that be so hard, considering that it's the only way to reset a connection and resetting a connection is something that people constantly have to do?

Is my technological ignorance causing me to overlook something? Is there a reason this incredibly logical and useful feature doesn't exist? I don't turn my TV on and off by plugging it in and then pulling the plug again. I don't start my car by twisting two wires together and stop it by untwisting them. Somebody please invent a button for this. That's all I ask.



crystal said...

my way of dealing with it is to restart my computer (sometimes up to 3-4 times) or put it to sleep and wake it up over and over again until it works. i've never tried unhooking things or touching the modem. the worst in our place is that often one of our computers will be working while the other is saying the modem is out. frustrating!

Steve said...

Try just pulling the power cord out of the router. I'm no networking expert, but my ass thinks that should be enough.

Zack said...

If it's a wireless router, exactly how many cords are we in danger of mixing up here? Two?

Kenny said...

Four. A power cord and an ethernet cord from the router and from the modem. Both the modem and the router have the same things plugged into them so it's easy to mix up. I've never actually gotten them mixed up, but the bigger pain is to pull cords out of two different items and continue to hold them in order (because if I let go they will fall someplace less accessible).