Wednesday, June 13, 2007


War stars Jet Li and Jason Statham, and as such, looks fucking awesome. How is this the first I've heard of a movie that looks this fucking awesome?

Also, the trailer for The Ten has some funny moments. It's hard to tell how the movie holds together, but with a movie like this, my guess is that it's not intended to.

Rise: Blood Hunter doesn't look good, but it does take balls to advertise the fact that a movie is from the writer of Gothika, which is not something you'd expect anyone to boast about. In any case, it makes you wonder what Michael Chiklis is doing in it and wish that somebody would make a tough-chick movie for Lucy Liu that is worth watching.



lyan! said...

Does Jet Li ever talk in his movies?

I've never actually seen any of them, but from all the trailers I've seen, it seems like he either plays a mute, or some cold-hearted derivative who wouldn't talk much anyway.

Does he talk? Is his accent bad?

I also think the concept of the 'rogue FBI agent' seems, well, completely ridiculous. But that doesn't mean I can't suspend that thought to enjoy a movie, but when I step back I have to laugh at how ridiculous it is.

Kenny said...

Laughing at the ridiculousness of a movie does not ruin it for me as long as it is otherwise enjoyable. Jet Li's accent is pretty bad, and he also has a surprisingly high voice. Not falsetto, but very soft and unthreatening.

Zack said...

All I can think about when I see Jet Li is, "How can somebody that unattractive be a movie star?" I know the answer is, "martial arts," but I still can't stop asking myself the question. It's not that I think he's ugly. He just seems to have a conspicuous lack of charisma, or presence, or whatever you call it.