Monday, June 18, 2007

Shout Out & Constructive Criticism

The most recent round of Squelch alumni, including Simon, Aaron and John, are kicking off Daily Squelch, a noble foray into the wilds of daily updated web content. The concept as it stands is not unlike Dan Freedman's Modern Snail experiment of a couple years back. That site aspired to be a Drudge Report of comedy: crass and irreverent comedic headlines linking to the day's actual news stories.

Daily Squelch appears to follow a similar mold, but with a more manageable number of headlines, generally smarter jokes, and one actual full-length fake news article per day. So far the three man (?) team appears to be living up to their rigorous posting schedule.

I applaud any effort to build the Squelch brand and they have my best wishes, although (as I've told Simon) I do hope they branch out soon from the newsflash format into something more distinctive and original. I know that's easier said than done, but still: Maybe something in the popular "short dialogues in different situations" Squelch genre? At the very least, they need to abandon Courier as their body font as soon as possible, because it's kind of hard to read the words under all the ugly. Even Drudge doesn't expect you to read whole pieces written in it.

Well, sometimes he does, but usually they're just a paragraph followed by the word "developing." That doesn't count.


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Simon said...

Thanks for the shout out.

And not to worry, we've got a new non-eye-obliterating design coming up this weekend that should reduce the ugly factor by about 50%.