Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hot Rod

I'm not particularly a fan of Andy Samberg, but I don't hate him either, and I'm willing to keep an open mind about his first movie with the Lonely Island gang.

I have a weird admiration for the Hot Rod trailer. This is not an ambitious movie, but it is a movie that is exactly what it sets out to be.

Unabashedly simple, it seems to have been built around the basic idea of staging as many failed stunts as possible. There's not a lot to these gags -- just a ramp, an overconfident idiot, and a slapstick disaster that transpires pretty much exactly as you expect it to. Indeed, in the big ramp gag that has carried over from the teaser into the latest trailer, the characters loudly acknowledge that the ramp has not been reinforced, and Samberg proceeds with the stunt anyway. But there's something about the straightforwardness of the staging -- the glee with which they toss a dummy around, and the dogged obviousness of every failed stunt -- that makes the moments funny precisely because they are so ridiculously predictable. Here is an deluded fool who is doomed to fail, and here he is failing. There's something pure about that.


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lyan! said...

I downloaded the trailer to watch it, and had to stop midway to go teach a class. Anyway, I came back and it's stopped on this shot of Sandberg with ├╝ber-dopey grin and I can't help but to think how much he looks like Andre the Giant.

That's all.