Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dirty Car

My car is dirty, and there's nothing I can do. I park on the street, and we live in a neighborhood where the streets are lined with what are apparently very pretty glue trees. Every night the trees tar and feather my car with sap and flower blossoms, and the next day the car is filthy again. Two days after a wash, it looks like I haven't cleaned it in months. I can barely walk down the sidewalk without the bottom of my shoes being coated with these petals that just won't scrape off.



lyan! said...

This is another reason I'm happy not to have a car. I can clean my bike inside my house while watching TV or something.

harry said...

It is every car owners concern to protect the car from scratch or any damages. When I park my car into our garage, I used my mazda car cover so as to keep my car free from dirt and avoid any scratch. I guess you need also a car cover since you park on your street. This way, the leaves and petals wouldn't be in your car.