Thursday, April 26, 2007


Drive is dead. It is sad. I did what I could, but apparently this blog can't make a hit out of a show. I was hoping against hope that it would at least last for one season, producing enough episodes for a satisfying DVD set. But apparently only six were produced, and we'll be lucky if Fox ever bothers to air the last two. At first they said they'd burn them off Fridays in May, and now they're saying maybe over the summer, but that sounds like bullshit--wait that long and even the fans won't remember to watch it, so why bother?

Watching promos for Drive, I didn't exactly expect it to be a hit, so I'm not that surprised by the early cancellation. I thought it would be easy to watch for a few episodes and wave goodbye. But I never expected to fall this hard for it. These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of emotion. Farewell, Drive. You didn't last, but you were loved.



Kevin said...

So far, your love of a show is a pretty reliable indicator that it's going to die.

RIP Andy Richter, Drive, other shows TBA.

Anonymous said...

You should just go ahead and marry Drive. Get it over with already.