Monday, March 26, 2007

Where The Heck Are The Lanes?

I don't usually take the 10 freeway on my drive home, but today I was leaving earlier and used a different route. I don't know if they had scraped it clean for repaving or what, but for long stretches of freeway, all the lane paint was gone. There were just the tiniest, possibly temporary reflectors--not even the full size bumps. On the light gray freeway pavement they were almost impossible to see. In those portions of freeway where the lanes don't line up with the lines in the pavement, things got a little scary. Why would they do this? I've seen much better temporary lane markers in the past. How can they be allowed to leave a major freeway with virtually no lane markings all day? It seems like that would be against the rules.


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tammy said...

i often wonder why they paint lanes on the freeways here in china. they serve absolutely no purpose.