Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Friend Mike

If you're curious about what my life is like as a young writer in LA, check out My Friend Mike, a fact-based show about me and my friends.

(The sound is a little off. Make the usual mental allowances for YouTube, try not to look at anyone's lips too closely, and it should be mostly fine.)

Actually, this was our most recent Channel 101 pilot. They didn't screen it, but we're considering making more episodes on our own anyway. Any feedback would be appreciated, so let me know what you think.



Tommaso Sciortino said...

I enjoyed this film. A sufficiently dark premise I thought maybe it was played too dark.

Zack said...

It's good. It's not really darker than animated comedy. Maybe it seems crueler because Female Character looks like a real person and not a South Park character?

cyshas said...

Pretty good. The sound and sound effects came out really well.