Thursday, March 22, 2007


Thanks for all the congratulations. I seriously was not fishing for that.

...No, of course, I totally was.

In response to Jaime's comment below:

Yeah, shows still hire freelancers. Or at least, our show does. But it's worth noting that so far the freelance scripts have gone to me (the writers assistant) and a writer whom one of the creators had worked with in the past. So it's not exactly an open door for just anyone to show up and pitch like in the old days. It's also worth noting that the show has only four writers (five if you include me, but four who regularly write actual scripts) and a pretty big script order to fill, which necessitates freelance scripts. And it's a cable show.

Also, while blogging may not be a career-killer, lately it seems like having a career is quite the blog-killer.


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crystal said...

my show also hires freelancers, but it's a similar situation where people hire friends, ex coworkers. Also, the freelancers here have incredible resumes.