Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We've been talking about getting a new couch for a while. The one we have is this little love seat from Stephanie's sister. Now we've finally pulled the trigger and gotten a small couch from Cost Plus that we've had our eye on--one that's wider and more open. Funny thing is, now that the new couch is on its way, we're starting to see the value of our old couch in ways we never did. It really is a pretty nice piece of furniture. You know, not some Ikea pretend starter thing. There's a good chance it was a more expensive piece than the one we're replacing it with. It's sad, letting this couch go. We've had it for years and it was in Stephanie's family even longer. But it's impractical to try to ship it or move it up north to her sister's house, so now we have to sell it. We were thinking about asking for $300 but after looking at the going rates on Craigslist, maybe $200 is more competitive.

We're getting sentimental now--how sad to sell our nice little couch to a stranger.

Anyone interested?


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cyshas said...

Hi Kenny, Actually jocelyn and I are probably going to be selling our couch too. It's only 2 years old, but cheaper (originally $400), so we're thinking $200. I like your couch better, I'd buy it if I was in Cali. Well Craiglist is free, you can also sell for $300 and lower the price later...plus it's spring more people are moving.