Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snakes On A Chain

The trailer for Black Snake Moan is actually really good. It's not my kind of movie, but I kind of want to see it. Right now we're in the teaser season for summer movies, so too many trailers are 75% buildup, and 15% underwhelming payoff. But I like how this trailer grabs your interest in a simple, gradual way. There's a slow build as it introduces the characters and situation, and there's just enough to hold your attention, until halfway through, we get the twist: the chain. And then there's just enough that follows to suggest the dynamic that the rest of the movie will play with--two characters dead set against each other--and amazingly, it works. This is a movie about a man with a woman on a chain. How elegant is that? The idea is so basic, yet the trailer gives you all the pieces you need to convince you that there is a whole movie in it, and probably an interesting one.


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