Monday, February 05, 2007

Links Of Interest

First check out "Office Surfer," a catchy and fun music video for the Kung Fu Monkeys directed by my friend Crystal that I PA'ed on a few months back. If you watch closely you may even see me in it!

Then check out my photos from Guac Bowl, an annual guacamole-themed party that gives people something to talk about on Super Bowl Sunday besides football. It's thrown by my boss Adam, and over its eight years of existence has grown from a simple sharing of homemade guacamole into an incredibly elaborate, fiercely competitive event. The bar for clever guacamole puns and spectacular guacamole presentations gets higher every year. For more, see Adam's own Guac Bowl page, as well as some of the entries from last year.



Steve said...

Okay, that BTTF display is pretty damn sweet.

If you eat your way down, do you find a disgusted looking doll of Biff beneath the guac?

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it's Old Biff from 2015.