Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Got No Game

Here is a TV Watch highlight, courtesy of via Google homepage:

Wednesday, February 28

Friday Night Lights

What's happening on network TV's best drama? The Taylors have an uninvited guest, Smash's girlfriend goes off her meds, and Jason and Lyla are on the skids. But none of that really matters, because even if this were an episode about football drills, it'd still be the best-acted, most authentic hour out there. Still, you're not watching. What are you missing? Brilliant arcs on Alzheimer's, sexual betrayal, and racism, plus Emmy-worthy turns by series regulars Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, and Zach Gilford. It's time to get in the game, folks.

I'm glad they're plugging Friday Night Lights, but this is turning depressingly Arrested Development. I wish every mention of fantastic but ratings-troubled shows didn't have to mention how ratings-troubled they were. People want to join in if they feel like others are in on something and they're missing out if they don't watch. "The best show you're not watching" entices no one. "Well, at least I'm not the only one not watching," the viewer says, and subsequently doesn't feel so bad about ignoring it. To mix metaphors, no one wants to jump on a sinking bandwagon.

You would never do this if you were dating. Or if you did, you wouldn't get good results. "I'm such a great guy, really. I have such wonderful qualities. But you're not dating me, America. No one wants to date me. I don't understand what it is, it seems like people would enjoy dating me if they tried it, but I just don't seem to get many dates." Does that make you want to date someone more, or less?

EW, I appreciate the support, but stop making my favorite shows look so desperate. Let's play it cool. If we act like everyone loves them, carry it off with some confidence, maybe it'll come true.


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Steve said...

I think the main problem with Friday Night Lights is that it's just so depressing. Yes, it's brilliantly written and acted, with interesting believable characters. (Aside from the fact that all the high school kids are clearly in their late 20s.) But it's just painful to watch.

People watch TV to be entertained, not to be repeatedly punched in the face.

I quit after the episode where the guy took money from his church to buy steroids. I just didn't want to see who would destroy their life or someone else's life next.