Monday, January 01, 2007

Reveling In Past Glories

Working on the Heuristic Squelch at UC Berkeley, we were constantly seeking out new challenges. We grew interested in not only writing comedy, but living comedy. Some of the best platforms for this were the ASUC elections, during which Squelch staffers would run for student government under the banner of the officially unaffiliated Squelch! Party. The Squelch! Party often won actual senate seats, and the Squelch! senators would do their unaffiliated namesake proud with humorous legislation as well as serious advocacy of publications funding and serious defense of free speech from would-be student thought police. However, the executive offices were never within the Squelch! Party's grasp, which means that the executive campaigns offered free reign for candidates to make a mockery of the process. And there was no better audience for the mockery than that found at the Daily Cal's Candidates' Forum.

This showing was among our finest--or at least, the finest that we videotaped. You'll seldom find a better comedy audience than a roomful of people relieved to get a break from a parade of righteous speeches delivered by aspiring politicians full of bloated self-importance.

Oh, who am I kidding? Most people reading this were there in person.



Tommaso Sciortino said...

Classic. Do you have this in high-res?

Kenny said...

I could easily output a version in high-res. This was exported at web quality but actually, I think even YouTube is capable of looking better than this.

lyan! said...

That was enjoyable. Good editing.