Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Guitar Comic

Here is my latest stand-up appearance. To self-evaluate, it starts out a little lukewarm, but the response really picks up in the second half. So it's worth sticking out if you can stand the terrible audio quality.



Zack said...

I did like the guitar comic prop segment, especially the retroactively telegraphed punchlines, and also the 12.5% "I did the math" joke. Try to look a little slicker when you put on the guitar strap, though!

lyan! said...

I agree, I liked the orphan jokes too, with their math.

I also, liked the guitar bit. Mostly because guitar comics are stupid. Is that guitar from Guitar Hero or whatever game that is?

I also think the glasses sway your look more towards the Asian side than normal. Perhaps you should survey your audience and wear them if the crowd is more white than asian.

Lydia said...

I really liked hearing the same familiar Kenny jokes re-told as a guitar comic. Agree with the others, good new orphan bits, terrible, terrible sound skipping.

How's the new phone treating you? See you in a few weeks!