Sunday, January 07, 2007

Buy The Book

As we've discussed, the holiday shopping season can be very stressful. Sometimes you just can't find the right gift. Did that happen to you last month? Well, in that case, it's too bad I didn't tell you about this sooner! That's right, for that extra special person in your life who wishes he or she could read some of my most memorable blog entries without a computer or electricity, now there's the handsome paperback book Best of the Love Blog: Real Life Adventures. Best of all, it's print-on-demand, so there was no need to spend thousands of dollars to print hundreds of books that friends and family don't want but would be forced to buy and pretend to have read, solely to fuel my gargantuan ego (in other words, the traditional self-publishing model). Perfect for birthdays or Valentine's Day. Especially Valentine's Day. If you think chocolate is an aphrodisiac, well, you've obviously never read this book. Buy this book and you'll get laid. That's all I'm saying.



Kelley said...

Wow, Kenny, that's some promise. I was just wondering if your promise of people getting laid by buying your book implied that you had become a pimp, and the "ladies" you have commissioned are so cheap...I mean affordable, they'll "deliver" for the price of your book. If so, does blogger support your newly founded career by allowing this post?

- Kel

Tommaso Sciortino said...

You've met the person - now meet the book.

Kenny said...

Seriously, though, I don't expect anyone to actually buy this. I really did make it and it exists (as a gift for my mom, and yes, I guess that makes that aphrodisiac joke creepy, but one thing has nothing to do with another), and it actually is very well put together and slick looking and looks like a real book, and if you bought it you would love it. But don't feel like you'll hurt my feelings by ignoring it. Again, I didn't print hundreds or anything.