Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hot Fuzz And Other Trailers

There's a pretty great new trailer up for Hot Fuzz, the new movie from the guys who made Shaun of the Dead. It's fun when the creative team behind a good movie reunite to make a non-sequel. I wonder why it's not done more often. The Christopher Guest movies are the most successful example I can think of. Fierce Creatures didn't work out all that well for the Fish Called Wanda gang. Wes Anderson's movies have a bit of this theater-troupe feel. What are some other movies that do this? There are the Broken Lizard movies, I guess. Most of them probably spring from some sort of pre-existing show or comedy troupe. Even the Shaun of the Dead guys hail from some English sketch show, right? Can anyone think of other examples of this kind of team follow-up movie?

Simon Pegg's Shaun stardom also led to his tiny supporting role in M:i:iii. Another person in the supporting cast of M:i:iii--Maggie Q--is also in a movie with a new trailer out, and with that clumsy segue, I direct your attention to Balls of Fury.

Directed by Robert Ben Garant and starring, among many others, Thomas Lennon, it's from the Reno 911! guys who also pick up tons of cash as screenwriters for hire on such projects as Taxi, The Pacifier, and Herbie: Fully Loaded. Here it seems they have cashed in their chips to make their passion project: an unlikely sports comedy with plenty of openings for suggestive phrases using the word "ball." It's on the dumb side, but likable enough, I suppose. I can't really justify that statement, and it's not like I would run out to see it, but the trailer's combination of preposterousness, strong casting (Christopher Walken, Patton Oswalt, Terry Crews, Maggie Q, George Lopez, that one old Chinese guy who's in everything, the shlub who plays the main guy) and scattered funny moments make for an agreeable viewing, even if the transmitter-up-the-butt gag or the little-girl-punches-guy-in-the-nuts gag are as predictable as it gets.

Speaking of the Reno 911! guys, there is also the trailer for the Reno 911! movie. I've only seen the show once and was not all that into it, but the trailer is pretty funny. I especially enjoy the convoluted lead-up to the Reno 911 cops taking over the Miami police department.


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Tommaso Sciortino said...

ok. I'm up for Hot Fuzz. Who wants to see it with me when it comes out?