Friday, December 22, 2006

Epic Load I

Hey! Are you sick and tired of big bloated Hollywood epics? Isn't it time someone took them down a peg or two? Well, you are in luck, because finally, finally, we have the innovatively titled Epic Movie, chock full of parodies of movies that simply define the epic genre. You know, movies that are synonymous with the word epic. I refer, of course, to epic movies like Borat, Nacho Libre and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the person of Paris Hilton.


Are you suggesting that these parodies have no business being featured prominently in a supposed spoof of epics? If so, then you are correct, sir or madam!

Even the more epic-ish movies featured in the trailer are a bit of a stretch. Personally, I wouldn't have called Superman Returns or Pirates of the Caribbean epics, but I would have granted that maybe, maybe they're close enough--after all, Superman was pretty pretentious and the second Pirates was really long, right? The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter are the only movies that come close to fitting the bill here, and even Harry Potter still makes me go ehhh, well, okay, I guess, just because the scope isn't really big enough.

I have to ask, where is Lord of the Rings, the franchise that seemingly must have triggered a spoof of epic movies in the first place? No doubt it's in there, but it's not on the poster art? Right now I'm at a computer where I can't re-watch the trailer, but I did watch it twice yesterday and I don't remember LOTR making an appearance. (EDIT: Just re-watched the trailer on a different computer, and still no LOTR, but I did forget about the parodies of epics like X-Men and of course, that self-serious classic epic just crying out for parody, Snakes on a Plane--surprising that they were able to glean laughs from that stone-faced premise! Although technically I guess they didn't.). What's the matter, was LOTR too old? Did they have to cut it to include the timely, jokeless Borat reference, since these movies are so witless that being topical is all they have going for them, and if they were to spoof something even a couple of years old you would stop being astonished at how current they are and realize that they have no comedy in them whatsoever? Could that be it? I'm going to say, definitely.

I'm sure it doesn't matter. It's not like the target audience for this movie even understands the meaning of the word epic. Or, you know, words.



Simon said...

That trailer made my eye's bleed.

I had the misfortune to watch "Date Movie" on a 12 hour flight once, and it suffered from the same incoherent "let's parody everything in sight, even King Kong" problem.

What's really strange is that I actually kind of liked Scary Movie 3. It was at least on topic, and it was a decent enough excuse for some very clever Zucker stuff (people being frightened by sound transitions from the next scene they're not even in).

But the 2 out of 6 writers from Scary Movie who keep making this crap are really starting to drive me insane with their horribly low opinion of their audience. Is it that hard to make a parody of a few on-topic movies instead of doing 50 short, awful sketches about every movie that came out in the last 3 years?

Reel Fanatic said...

I have to confess that I saw the simply excremental Date Movie and still haven't recovered, so there is very little chance I'll come anywhere near this one