Friday, November 24, 2006

World Premiere Video

The timing is apropos of nothing, except perhaps the fact that I just got a MacBook and am experimenting with iMovie, but here at last is a music video whose footage was shot years ago to commemorate Plan B Day (for those of you unfamiliar, Plan B Day is an anniversary of sorts) and never edited. This was back in the spring of 2003, when cobbling together video of yourself singing a popular song was not unheard of, but was not yet a common practice by every last person with access to the Internet. I think we had planned to shoot more footage, but never did. However, I did find more footage than I remembered shooting.

Now, please enjoy me, Lydia, Zack, and Stephanie, behaving in a lame and embarrassing fashion:

NOTE: It is entirely possible that this video is only enjoyable if you are one of the people in it.



Tammy said...

i wasn't in it, but i still enjoyed it. :)

guess who unblocked your blog!


now i don't have to make corey copy and paste it to me through IMs.

lydia said...

oh shit.

I was drunk, wasn't I?

It's like Thanksgiving all over again! (To be explained later.) I'm not really sure what to say. That's kind of embarassing. Thanks.

Zack said...

It's good that both couples have one loony pinball demon and one regular person. What's up, Stephanie?

Also what's up, Kenny? Thank you for the footage, and I guess thanks for the video, and mostly thank you for the good memories of the world's ugliest apartment. Sometimes all I remember is the poop and the refrigerator that opens the wrong way.

And what's up, baby? You look inebriated in the video. Reminds me a Thanksgiving not so long ago, but that is a story for another day.

lyan! said...

Ugly apartment? Actually the place was dubbed "Depress-o-land" by Phil. Now that I've said that, I'm a little depressed. Sorry.