Monday, October 16, 2006

Welcome To The Party

Herbie the Love Blog reader and recent blogroll add Todd VanDerWerff has a blog called South Dakota Dark, full of excellent reviews and analysis of TV shows. He also has another blog, which he has politely requested that I link to, called The Adventures of Fatbot in the 21st Century. Much to the disappointment of fat robot enthusiasts (that is, enthusiasts of fat robots, not fat enthusiasts of regular robots), it is not about robots nor is it about diet and exercise.

Todd, a screenwriter, is secure and sensible enough to know that on the Internet, you are lucky if people are even willing to read your stuff, let alone steal it. Thus he has embarked on an experiment to turn the world at large into his personal writing group, by posting selected pages from his work for discussion and feedback. If this intrigues those of you who are writing-inclined, feel free to check it out and tear his stuff to shreds.

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