Monday, October 16, 2006

Surf: Up?

Surfing penguins? Okay. I guess it beats dancing penguins.

I am kind of surprised at how much I enjoyed this trailer for Surf's Up. The faux-documentary style and grainy, scratchy stock footage look great, right down to the faded color. And then there's the somber, totally deadpan voice-over interview, selling the whole thing without being too jokey.

Unfortunately, once we cut to present day it all looks pretty ordinary, aside from a nicely simulated handheld camera effect. I do, however, like how it ends with the claim: "A true story."

While Surf's Up bid at hipness feels more calculated than the old school song-and-dance appeal of Happy Feet, at least it is not so tiring and overeager. Still, by the time Surf's Up comes out, audiences will likely be sick to death of penguins.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember you having great affection for a penguin in our thesis class, Kenny.

I guess, you're 2 cool 4 that stuff now.

Oh, well.