Friday, October 06, 2006

Stick It

Killing time at Hollywood Video on my lunch hour, I was looking at the package for Stick It, the notoriously inaccurate gymnastics movie from the creator of Bring It On. It's about this badass delinquent girl who used to be a gymnast. When she gets arrested for damaging a housing development while BMXing, she is forced to go back into the gymnastics world. In the process, she teaches the other gymnasts the importance of having attitude and being X-treme.

Anyway, the tagline on the DVD is "It's not called gym-nice-tics."

That's so great, it kind of makes me want to see it.


Steve said...

I don't understand how that movie got made. It seems like their target audience consists of:

1. People who are excited by gymnastics, but know so little about it that they don't find this movie laughably silly, and

2. Pedophiles

Is that really a big enough market to justify a movie? Although judging by its $30M worldwide gross, maybe there are more pedophiles than I thought.

Kenny said...

I think the girls are old enough that someone who might want to look at them, such as other teenagers, might not be considered pedophiles.

I do love the idea that someone thought, "I want to make a movie about gymnastic, except that real gymnastics are lame." The more I think about it, the more I feel like x-treme, impossible gymnastics is an awesome idea for a movie.

Kenny said...

Wow, how many times in that last comment did I totally destroy singular/plural and subject/verb agreement? Ouch.

crystal said...

i really want to see this, and almost saw it in theaters. we could have you guys over if you want to not apear like a statutory rapist when you rent it. also, stop saying the same things about studio 60 as me, copycat.

akela said...

Dude, save yourself the trouble. I netflixed this film since I'm a teen movie junkie and I ended up reading my EW while midly paying attention. What little I managed to force myself to pay attention to was utter crap and the gym-nice-tics weren't that awesome either. Since it was to be coreographed I was expecting something on par with the Magnificant Seven from Atlanta '96, what I got was a doofus surburban girl trying to be cute and "rebel" by "black dancing" her routine on the balance beam, which I think she wasn't supposed to do 'cause it's like, RAP, and black people, i.e. black music, has no place in gym-nice-tics. And also that annoying girl with the "gym-nice-tics" line who helped me understand Sarah's desire to punch someone in the face.

The best part of the film was when it first stared and for some reason my DVD put on the subtitles, you know for DEAF people, and the Missy song comes up and the subtitle reads, "Missy Elliot's 'We Run This' plays" I laughed out loud.